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Conversion Optimization

Do you find that people, who visit your website, don’t navigate beyond the first page, thereby reducing your sales significantly?

For most websites, the quality of their products or services is not at fault. It is the design of websites that frustrates visitors, and forces them to leave the page. SEO brings more clients to your website, but design is what helps you sell your services to those clients. Many websites sweat hard on SEO techniques, but tend to overlook its design aspects. Improving navigation on your website helps you drive product sales through it. In fact, it is more important than increasing traffic volume to your website.

Since smartphones like iPhone and tablets like iPad became mainstream devices, mobile web design has gained more and more importance. You need to create different versions of your website with each kind of unique design to increase your audience. When people browse to your website, which has only been optimized for larger screens, they will find it very difficult to navigate through your website. The large icons and the need to scroll up and down to search for links becomes tedious, and people tend to leave your website without doing anything.
There are very specific design guidelines for mobile websites which, when implemented properly, help people navigate your website with ease and find your products and services instantly. Some of these techniques include:

  • Condensing your web content to be more precise in fewer words
  • Using icons and labels cleverly to fit in more content on small screens without crowding them
  • Optimizing your website for different screen sizes

What we do
At The SEO Agent, we analyze the design and usability of your website and uncover issues that might be holding visitors from navigating beyond the first page. We suggest changes to your website which will

  • Make your website accessible from all kinds of internet devices
  • make navigation easier
  • help improve conversion rate
  • make your website easy to use and
  • significantly improve traffic